How much can I save


Solar power rooftop systems can save you money immediately if you are paying a commercial or an industrial electricity tariff in India. For customers that have
a relatively stable grid connection, we recommend installing a grid-tie solar system that works simultaneously with the grid; solar power is consumed first and
any additional requirement is consumed from the grid.
Solar power consumed is grid power saved.

Grid-tie solar system does not use batteries, so solar power cannot be stored. However, it is the most cost-efficient solar system for you.
For customers with an unstable grid connection, we recommend a hybrid inverter that uses batteries for storage when the grid fails. The system continues to
work and power can be consumed when the grid fails.


The capital cost of installing a grid-tie solar system is an upfront cost that can supply “free power” to you for a period of 15-25 years depending on the site
The economics a typical costs. grid-tie solar is make summarized conditions. Once you install a solar system, there are no of recurring You only system have to sure the below:glass solar panels are cleaned once a week.

These numbers may vary depending on your site conditions and tariff.
If you prefer not to invest in a solar system despite the attractive economics, we have someone who will invest and sell power to you! With little money
down, you can start saving 10%-20% off your existing tariff from Day One!


We started our solar business in 2010 with primarily off-grid solar systems, both small and large. In 2014, we moved from small off-grid systems to larger grid-tie systems as we found that the economics of solar power prove themselves.
We provide turnkey solar power solutions to businesses whether they want to buy the solar system or just buy solar power. We also provide operations and maintenance services post-installation.


We have installed over 150 solar rooftop systems across India ranging from Rajasthan to Kerala and from
Gujarat to Jharkhand. Our experience ranges from 1KWp off-grid battery backup solar systems in rural areas
to 100KWp of grid-tie solar rooftop systems in urban areas.


We are a team of experienced entrepreneurs and professional
with of X decades of collective experience in solar power in India.
We understand the real challenges faced by installers and
service-people in the field and we know how manage them.


We believe in providing superior customer service by installing
high quality solar power systems at a price that makes
commercial sense to the customer. We have strong experience in
the field and reputed customers to testify. With a strong backing
from our associate company PAE Ltd., we have a nationwide
presence in India and can provide swift service.



The Grid Tied Solar Power Plant installed in our premises by PAER Renewables is
very efficient and fool proof. The system gives us ease of access on monitoring
through website and can able to download the yield and other parameters on
daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. We are fully satisfied with PAER and the
system supplied to us.

- Mr. Ganesh Dussa, Maintenance In-charge, HDFC